Digital Surveillance & Intelligence Services

Discover how our Intelligence Fusion Centre, manned by veteran cyber and intelligence agency operatives, can provide you with actionable data and protect you from threats.

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Our Team

We are a fusion of former intelligence, law enforcement, cyber security, and military operatives who provide in-depth knowledge and expertise to delivery high quality intelligence reporting and cyber protection services.

Demonstrations & Information

To arrange a demonstration of our capabilities, or to learn more about how we can help your organisation, please contact:


Cyber Threat Intelligence

Our dedicated Cyber Fusion Cell constantly monitors for activity from hostile Advanced Persistent Threat groups.


Due Diligence Services

We provide comprehensive insight for corporate Due Diligence, including analysis of the cyber risks posed by acquisition.


Full Coverage Surveillance

Our Fusion Centre operates 24/7, alerting you to cyber threats and fresh intelligence round the clock.


Darknet Surveillance

We use cutting-edge tools to alert you to the presence of APT groups attempting to infiltrate your networks via the darknet, as well as comprehensive dark web surveillance.


Multilingual Analysts

Our intelligence analysts are multilingual, and can investigate English, Russian, Chinese, Korean and Spanish language sources on both the Darknet and the Clearnet.


Extensive Coverage

Whether you represent a commercial entity, intelligence agency, government department or high-profile individual, we can provide you with actionable intelligence reporting and analysis.

About Us

Dark Intelligence is a leading private intelligence agency that brings together a group of talented individuals from the worlds of intelligence, law enforcement, cyber security and the military

Our focus is on providing high-quality, actionable intelligence to businesses, government departments, and high-profile individuals detailing the threats against them and providing valuable data for making complex business decisions

The core of our service is a sophisticated Intelligence Fusion Centre. Backed by multilingual analysis and skilled support, we provide a world-leading, fully managed surveillance service.

Whether you’re concerned about cyber Advanced Persistent Threat groups using the cover of the darknet to infiltrate your organisation or the risks posed by a company you are looking to acquire, we can help.